young boy in the village of Moshi, Tanzania standing against a crumbling textured wall


A collection of photographs

From my portfolio I have shared a few images from various places, situations and observations. I find inspiration in peoples faces, behavior and reactions. In the small details of everday life...

One of my favorite quotes is It is an illusion that photos are made with the camera… they are made with the eye, heart and head.

- Henri Cartier-Bresson
small boy balancing in a tiny tree in the african countryside
a house in a village in Tanzania where a woman is standing in the open doorway with her child on her hip. A small child peers out of the barred up window
school boys smiling as they leave classes for the day in village in Africa
a silhouette of a Masi Warrior standing tall in the countryside
 portrait of a young woman laying on the floor leaning over on one arm
man walking along the beach with a fishing rod in his hand, thunder looming in the sky
portrait of a young afro-american man dressed in a leather waistcoat
seascape detailing the ocean and blue skies in the carribbean
a young orphan boy looking up angrily whilst wrapped around a pole in Africa
women working in the fields with baskets on their heads in India
several men working in a factory, one of the men is laughing
a young boy holds one of the goats in the herd he looks after in a small village in 										             Tanzania
a man walking over a bridge towards an art gallery. the gallery has the words Art Changes We Change written on its building
portrait of a sombre man looking over his shoulder
metal stand containing newspapers and a magazine which depicts an indian woman on the front cover
a mother and father kiss their new born baby
portrait of a young woman looking into the light with her hair flowing around her
a sign depicting the word Bar surrounded with strings of lights in India
guests at a wedding throw confetti at the bride and goom outside the church
portrait of a woman looking sombre dressed in black with long wavy hair
portrait of a bride dressed in Indian clothing
seascape of a tall palm tree on the beach leaning over into the blue             carribbean sea in Mexico
view though metal gate of a bride and groom laughing whilst sitting on a bench
portrait of a bride laughing on her wedding day
a woman sitting outside smiling as the sun shines upon her
a couple kiss along the bank of the river thames on their wedding day
a young boy looks though hanging garlands of flowers
a newly wed couple kiss in the gardens, a castle in the background
a colourfull hot air balloon being blown up
a newlywed couple drink champagne amongst the trees
a newly wed couple walk hand in hand along a river
close up of a brides hand covered by her veil holding her grooms arm
a bride and groom kiss under the brides veil
ticket booking sign at a fun fair in India
an indian street scene where a man with his bike is talking on a mobile phone outside a rundown building
the big wheel at a fun fair at night lit up with coloured lights
self portrait of sonal

About me

I love photographing people, esecially in their own environments including portraiture and reportage. Landscapes and the odd abstract view found now and again whilst wondering around on long walks.

I work closely with clients to create photography which is contemporary, stylish and stress-free. This style of work is often refered to as ‘Lifestyle’ photography or ‘Reportage’ photography. My professional but friendly and informal style combines wonderfully to enhance your photographic experience and is reflected in the natural smiles and relaxed expressions in my images.

I photograph using natural light where possible capturing natural expressions and can work on location and in studio. My approach to photography is about people in natural situations. It combines the best of photojournalistic imagery and stylised settings to produce strong, dynamic images. Couples are not over posed in an unnatural way, but are encouraged to react with one another, bringing out their true personalities.

My clients are unique individuals; each with differing personalities, relationships and requirements. I work hard to ensure that my photography captures the essence of each unique personality. Every portrait session, family shoot and wedding shoot is built around the individual client and is approached with flexibility, creativity and above all, with sensitivity.